Commercial Electrical Services Projects

Dec 2014

Client: St Bede's College

Desc: As a Catholic school in the Lasallian tradition, the St Bede's Community is one that is characterised by positive, friendly and supportive relationships of students, staff and families through religious education.

Helping to create the classroom's of tomorrow

St Bede's is a boy's Catholic high school located in Melbourne's south east

We have installed a new data cable network, including Xirrus High Performance WiFi system for the entire school

A WiFi modem in every classroom to allow easy internet access across the entire campus grounds

Interactive TV, Interactive whiteboards and Apple TV throughout the school for an immersive learning experience 

Key Outcomes:

  • School wide data network 
  • School wide Xirrus High Performance WiFi network
  • Interactive TV, Interactive Whiteboard and Apple TV teaching equipment
Industry Partners: